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Fire At The Founding documents the historical climax of the good and great influence of the Judeo-Christian faith upon a nation through the clergy in America during the 1700s.  They boldly proclaimed Biblical truth and principles on any matter of public and national concern to their congregations, the public, and government officials and legislators.  They built within the American people the essential foundations for liberty:  true religion, righteousness, morality, a culture of life, respect for authority and the rule of law, and just and limited civil government.  The FAF documents, in their own words, the fire within the clergy that ignited a fire for truth and liberty within the American people.  

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Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR): English iBook (Apple), and eBook (PDF) options.  See "Abortion Worldwide Report page for more information.   For print book, contact GLC Publications at:  


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Spanish eBook:  Informe Mundial del Abortion (IMA). 

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AWR Study Guides:

Study Guide #3:  What is the Basis for the Sanctity of Human Life? 

Study Guide #4:  (not ready)

Study Guide #5:  What is the Basis for Human Rights and the Right to Life? 

Study Guide #6:  Legitimacy of Civil Government is Inseparable from Duty to Protect Human Life.

Study Guide #7:  The Nature of Law and Its Purpose in Protecting Human Life.   

All study guides are in PDF format, for $2 to $4 USD each, available for download upon purchase.  


Jacobson Briefs:  

1.  Church Denominations Who Stand for Sanctity of Human Life, Contrasted by Denominations Who Support Abortion.  Can a church or Christian support abortion?  ($5 USD)  [click on cover image to left above or in collection below] 



Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) print and iBooks on SALE

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