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Fire At The Founding (FAF) documents the historical climax of the good and great influence of the Judeo-Christian faith upon a nation through the clergy in America during the 1700s.  They boldly proclaimed Biblical truth and principles on any matter of public and national concern to their congregations, the public, and government officials and legislators.  They built within the American people the essential foundations for liberty:  true religion, righteousness, morality, a culture of life, respect for authority and the rule of law, and just and limited civil government.  The FAF documents, in their own words, the fire within the clergy that ignited a fire for truth and liberty within the American people.  

Fire At The Founding is based primarily on original research done at the U.S. Library of Congress, particularly the Rare Book Room.  The author, Thomas W. Jacobson, did not intentionally look for materials written by clergy, but the majority he found were written by them.  As he also read from private and public leaders, he noticed they were declaring the same truths and principles that the preachers said, but usually not quoting the Bible.  Thus, he discovered the great influence of the preachers.  The FAF is full of their gold nuggets of wisdom that have been hidden from our us for generations, but now are made known to us and future generations.  


Fire At The Founding is designed to inspire, equip, encourage and embolden clergy and Christians today so they too can be vessels of the Spirit of God to rebuild and restore the church as "the pillar and support of the Truth" (1 Timothy 3:15), and rebuild the foundations of our beloved nation.  By recovering the truth about our history, and the noble and profound influence of the clergy and Church in the United States, we shall remember the LORD God by remembering what He did through His people in earlier generations.  This will enable us to fulfill His command:  “One generation shall praise Thy works to another, and shall declare Thy mighty acts” (Psalm 145:4).  Let us be strong and courageous in believing that God wills to do great things through us today.    


Pastors and priests, professors and teachers, parents, students, government officials, legislators and judges, diplomats and Christians in other sectors who read this book will restore within themselves Biblical and Judeo-Christian foundations and be able to impart the same to others.  You will be able to understand clearly the proper influence of clergy, Christianity and true religion upon government; the distinct roles and separate spheres of authority of church and government; the importance of vigilantly protecting inalienable human rights, including freedoms of mind, conscience and religion; the truth about the American Colonies, Revolution, slavery and the Civil War; and the influence of Christianity in making good citizens and good rulers.  


The original research and writing were done in 1993-1994, but publishers were not interested in it then.  Dr. D. James Kennedy wrote the forward in 1994, when he was still alive and before he went to heaven in 2007.  With all the turmoil in the United States in 2020, and the opportunity to rebuild our nation, now seems to be the right time to offer the book. 



Author:  Thomas W. Jacobson

Foreword by D. James Kennedy 


1.  The Fire:  The Proper Influence of Clergy  

2.  Public Recognition of Sovereignty of Almighty God 

          & Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy  

3.  Liberty Recognized as a Gift of God; Virtue Necessary to Preserve  

4.  American Colonies Settled as an Asylum for Liberty & True Religion  

5.  Freedom of Mind, Conscience & Religion  

6.  Not All Sins are Crimes  

7.  Religion and Government  

8.  No Establishment of Religion  

9.  Choosing Good Rulers  

10.  Obey Good Rulers, Resist Tyrants Respectfully and Firmly  

11.  The Truth About the American Revolution  

12.  The Sin of Slavery & The Civil War  

13.  The Cause of Corruption and Method of Restoration of a Nation  


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