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The Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) is a comprehensive book on the history (1803-2016), policies (196 nations), and data (100 nations, 1921-2015) of abortion, including history of nations protecting human life or authorizing abortion. It contains the Biblical foundations for sanctity of human life, human rights, civil government and law necessary to restore and preserve protection of preborn children and pregnant mothers. Also, Part V has year-by-year data, and totals for each year, country, region, and world; Part VI has maps, graphs, tables (e.g., highest to lowest), and a 1-page National Policies list; Part VII has 35 major findings ( grouped as empirical, general, or greatest genocide); Part VIII examines how God looks upon innocent bloodshed and holds individuals and nations accountable, while offering forgiveness to those who genuinely repent; Part IX is words of truth and hope; Part X is a summary of major findings and recommendations; Addendum I has 78 national abortion graphs; Addendum II has 454 data sources; and the Country and General Indexes are at the end.   

Abortion Worldwide Report (eBook, PDF)

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  • This version of the Abortion Worldwide Report was produced in an EPUB format and saved as a PDF eBook.  

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