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Abortion Worldwide Report


As a disability advocate, I am grieved that virtually all nations now view abortion as a "disability prevention strategy."  Abortion Worldwide Report is a great asset to all pro-life leaders and organizations as, together, we alert people to the desperate plight of untold millions of pre-born children, especially those with disabilities.  

          Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center 


In 1948, the world stood as one to proclaim in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” and “Everyone has the right to life.”  This report documents the world’s tragic failure to live up to this declaration through our embrace of abortion.  It provides a comprehensive understanding of abortion, with thorough research into matters of law, science, history, and theology.  The report is of immense significance and comes at a critical time as the value of human life—and the source of that value—is deeply questioned in the United States and around the world.  The report is a tremendous resource for legislators, judges, medical personnel, and anyone who seeks to protect the lives of all human beings, even the smallest and most vulnerable among us.

Jeffrey A. Brauch, JD, Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law, Regent University School of Law


Our friends Thomas Jacobson and Dr. Wm. Robert Johnston have produced a monumental work on the tragedy of induced abortion worldwide.  The numbers are staggering, and the harm done—and still being done—to women, to men, and to nations is incalculable.  The Global Life Campaign deserves the thanks of researchers everywhere for this landmark report, which will be of enduring interest and value to scholars and policymakers alike.                                               

Chuck Donovan, President, Charlotte Lozier Institute


Thomas Jacobson, Dr. Wm. Robert Johnston, and their team of scholars have accomplished a Herculean task.  I have been working in the international pro-life movement for more than three decades, and have been hampered frequently by the lack of documented and reliable data on the number of abortions that are performed in the nations of the world.  But this lack of information is no longer a constraint; I have already used their information in testimony before parliamentarians and other influential people all over the world in my efforts to counter the propaganda of the population control cartel.  This work will really make a profound difference on the international scene.  Thank you!  Great job!

Brian Clowes, PhD, Director of Research, Human Life International


While many recognize the widespread legality of abortion in the world today, few recognize the full scope of our losses.  After years of tracking data from countries all over the globe, Thomas W. Jacobson and Wm. Robert Johnston have finally documented what a century of abortion has cost us—over one billion innocent human souls.  Others rely on complicated formulas and estimates, but Jacobson and Johnston have done the hard work of collecting real data and building a country-by-country record of actual abortions performed year by year.  Those who wish to understand the magnitude of the problem, how it has impacted every country and culture, and what it takes to turn these trends around should get a copy of this book. 

            Randall K. O’Bannon, PhD, Director of Education and Research, National Right to Life

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