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The Abortion Worldwide Report is the culmination of 35 years of research, contains the most reliable and comprehensive compilation of abortion data ever published, and is also designed to enable us to face the greatest evil of our time in redemptive ways with a renewed Biblical understanding of the sanctity of human life, human rights, civil government, law, and accountability of individuals and nations to Almighty God.   

To purchase the Abortion Worldwide Report (Informe Mundial del Aborto) iBook or eBook, or for information about the authors and contents, click on the menu above, the buttons below, or the AWR cover image.  

Abortion Worldwide Report on sale: 

Print books:  $49 USD, now $30 USD, or $20 each for 2 - 24 books.  

iBook or eBook:  $49 USD, now $30 USD each.(download immediately).  

Now available in ENGLISH & SPANISH.

Fire At The Founding documents the historical climax of the good and great influence of the Judeo-Christian faith upon the United States through the clergy in America during the 1700s - in their own words, based on original research.    

Available for immediate purchase and download from this website, as an iBook (Apple) or eBook (Adobe PDF).   

Cost:  $14.99 USD.  

Print edition is available through

STUDY GUIDES are available for $2 - $4 USD each: 

AWR Study Guides (to buy, click on Store button above):  

#3 What is Basis for Sanctity of Human Life? 

#5 What is the Basis for Human Rights? 

#6 Civil Government - Duty to Protect Life. 

#7 Nature of Law & Its Purpose to Protect Life.

Study Guides can be used for personal, family, church, group, and class studies and discussions, and to prepare sermons, speeches, papers, and presentations.  

GLC-photo-USA-Flag-156808934 _ American Flag © Leigh Prather _

Publications on the United States: 

Equipping Americans to respond to overturn of Roe v. Wade.  

Church Denominations Who Stand for Sanctity of Human Life, Contrasted by Denominations Who Support Abortion.  Can a church or Christian support abortion?  

GLC-CNT2-AB-DATA-USA-CO-1967-2021 graph only.jpg

State Abortion Graphs (50), DC, USA Graphs, 1951 - 2021

Shows impact of policies and total number of abortions each year. 

GLC-map-USA-2022-State AB Policies-Bans in effect-Triggers-Heartbeat.png

State Abortion Policies

  • Original prohibitions, authorizations; Heartbeat, Roe v. Wade Triggers

  • Maps: 1869, 1883, 1910-1950, 1966, 1972, 1973, 2022

  • Tables:  Ranking by total abortions; percent of current population

  • Graphs: Trends by groups of States

  • Graphs:  Missouri & Texas

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