The Abortion Worldwide Report is the culmination of 35 years of research, contains the most reliable and comprehensive compilation of abortion data ever published, and is also designed to enable us to face the greatest evil of our time in redemptive ways with a renewed Biblical understanding of the sanctity of human life, human rights, civil government, law, and accountability of individuals and nations to Almighty God.   

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Jacobson Briefs: 

1.  Church Denominations Who Stand for Sanctity of Human Life, Contrasted by Denominations Who Support Abortion.  Can a church or Christian support abortion?  

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Study Guide #1:  

The Image and Nature of GOD

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The Image of GOD in Man

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AWR Study Guides: 

#3 What is Basis for Sanctity of Human Life? 

#5 What is the Basis for Human Rights? 

#6 Civil Government - Duty to Protect Life. 

#7 Nature of Law & Its Purpose to Protect Life.

Study Guides can be used for personal, family, church, group, and class studies and discussions, and to prepare sermons, speeches, papers, and presentations.  

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